Embracing English Country Style to Create a Cosy Home

Embracing English Country Style to Create a Cosy Home

Embracing English Country Style to Create a Cosy Home

English Country style is unmistakably making a comeback as 2024’s leading Spring/Summer trend. While neutral palettes have firmly held their place in the world of interior design, intricate patterns and pops of colour are being introduced. Unlike minimalism, which insists on clean lines and understated tones, this aesthetic embraces imperfections, weathered finishes, and rustic, age-old charm. It effortlessly blends tradition with a hint of the contemporary and gives your home a sprinkling of cottage-core cosiness.

Here at Peony Lane Interiors, we’re here to provide you with some inspiration to replicate the look in your own home. Here are a few key elements of how to achieve the English Country style interior:


Floral patterns

Floral patterns beautifully encapsulate the charm of the English countryside; taking inspiration from the rolling hills and meadows where wildflowers bloom. You can easily incorporate pretty florals into your home through our thoughtfully curated collection of accessories. Consider the exquisite Green Floral Terracotta Jar and Blue Floral Terracotta Vase, meticulously hand-painted with intricate floral motifs on durable terracotta bases. These artisanal pieces are not only decorative but also functional, ideal for placing on a kitchen shelf or adding a touch of elegance to a side table. You could also add a statement touch to a fireside armchair or bedding with the Green Striped Floral Print Cushion – and double-up with the complimentary Floral Lime Cushion for a subtle clash of print.


Pink Poppy VaseBlush Plum Blossom Stem

When it comes to the English Country aesthetic, it’s all about bringing the outdoors in – and that can be achieved by adding stunning real-life faux stems into your home. Unlike real flowers that bloom only seasonally, faux stems provide enduring beauty throughout the year, allowing you to maintain the charm of an English countryside look regardless of the season. You can select from a variety of styles, including peonies, blossom, gypsophila, and magnolia, each meticulously designed to replicate the natural allure of their real counterparts.

You can easily give the impression that your faux stems have been handpicked by arranging them to mimic natural growth patterns. If you need assistance with this, we’d be happy to help. You have two options: we can arrange the stems for you in one of our store vases, like our beautiful Pink Poppy Vase, or even in one of your own from home.

Rustic accessories

Geometric Tarla Vase

Within this aesthetic is a focus on natural materials, so focus on choosing accessories that evoke warmth, texture and a connection to the outdoors. Wooden elements play a pivotal role in this style, serving as a nod to nature while infusing spaces with a sense of well-aged character and a lived-in-feel. When it comes to the kitchen, for example, consider placing large wooden chopping or display boards placed on countertops, or displaying a set of acacia wooden bowls on a decorative shelf.

Ceramics crafted to emulate wood and stone also play on the rustic feel. Look out for traditional-style pottery that gives the impression of handcrafted artistry, such as the Clotilde Textured Vase, Koba Large Bobbled Vase, and Geometric Tarla Vase.

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